Saturday, 8 October 2016

Term 4!

Welcome to term 4!

It is a ten week term with 2 long weekends and Spring turning into Summer! This, of course, means for us the wearing of the school sunhat every day, whenever we are outside.
Please help with the management of this by ensuring these are named.

A few things to note ~

Aroha is the new school H.E.A.R.T  value we will be focusing on while, looking after our own and others' Hauora and showing showing respect, are still embedded in our teaching and learning and interactions with each other.

We have a 2 week swimming block in weeks 5 and 6 which means we will swim everyday at Aquagym, travelling together on a bus [which of course will be highly exciting]. The children are placed in ability groupings and it doesn't matter at all what the skill level is of the children; the Aquagym staff are very good at matching swimming ability with the correct instructional grouping / teacher.
 It would be fantastic if you can encourage your child to dress and undress themselves for school as this will help them when getting ready for their swimming lesson and afterwards. 
You are welcome to come and watch the lessons and come and help in the changing sheds, if you are able.

We will be working through a measurement unit for our strand maths on Thursdays so you may be able to discuss ideas at home e.g. which is longer / shorter? how do you know? How can we compare these 2  objects etc

Our music unit is Listening. The children will be listening to 'Peter and the wolf' and learning how to discriminate between different instruments and their sounds. We touched on this last term and the children can already identify a wind or string instrument.

We thoroughly enjoyed our science unit about water  and now we are moving on to a social studies unit.

As always if you have any questions, pop in and see me .
Regards Phillipa Ford.

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